Business Calling Plans

People across the world are finding that internet phone service is the new, easier way to communicate. Unlike traditional landline phone service, internet phone service lets users make cheap phone calls using their broadband Internet connection and an Internet phone.

Choosing a provider you can trust and that offers the latest features and technologies makes Internet phone service easy and fun. Below is a menu of the VoIP Phone services we offer.

Ring By Name

$3500/month per user

RingByName is a revolutionary business tool that combines a hosted phone system, customer relationship management, and advanced desktop and smartphone interfaces to help businesses win and retain more customers. It's way more than a business phone service.

Your phone is included FREE when you sign up for a 1-year (or more) agreement.

Business Unlimited


Offers a Business Phone Line with unlimited calls to the US and Canada. The plan includes a DID phone number from any US/Canada location we offer. Can be combined with our InPhonex Prepaid Call Credit to allow International Calls billed at the per minute rate of the International destination.

Toll-Free Unlimited


Includes unlimited incoming/outgoing calls to/from numbers within the US and Canada, one US/Canada Toll Free Number, and is available for use anywhere in the world you connect to the internet.

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